Licensing and Permits

If you plan on operating a business in Johns Creek, you will first need to check with the City of Johns Creek Department of Planning and Development to see what is required from the City to operate your business.

The City of Johns Creek
Department of Planning and Development
11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Businesses must have a business licenses before they can operate. This goes for businesses run out of your home as well. You can contact the Business Licensing office. Renewals should be directed to the same office.

Permit Division
The permit division is responsible for permitting all phases of commercial construction including new construction, renovations, additions, & accessory structures.

All permits:

Federal Licensing
Most new businesses will not require any type of federal licensing to conduct business, unless it will be engaged in one of the following activities:
• Rendering investment advice
• Making alcohol products
• Making tobacco products
• Preparing meat products
• Marking or dealing in firearms

State Licensing
Many licensing regulations are considered when establishing a business or practicing certain regulated occupations in Georgia. Contact the Secretary of State’s office for a listing of all occupations that require state licensing. You can find a complete list of occupations requiring state licenses on this site. Before applying, check the current licensing regulations through the office of the Secretary of State, the county and the city.