Once you have chosen a tentative location for your business, contact the appropriate planning department to determine the permitted use of the location. Review all zoning criteria before investing in a location because there may be special restrictions applicable to your area of business. Do not invest money in a location until zoning has been thoroughly researched.

The Planning Department can help determine if your location and type of business are in compliance with ordinances. You will be required to submit your business plans to the zoning office to determine if the business complies/can be adapted to comply with the following:


  1. Current zoning classification
  2. Building setbacks
  3. Off-street parking availability
  4. Service entrance requirements
  5. Buffer yards or required screening
  6. Lot area minimum
  7. Sign regulations

For more information visit www.johnscreekga.gov

For specific information about signage, call the appropriate planning department, depending upon your location.

The City of Johns Creek
Department of Planning and Development
12000 Findley Road, Suite 400
Johns Creek, GA 30097